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By insuring with Strata Community Insurance you know you will receive protection that is well beyond the minimum legislative requirements. We use the strength of our experience to focus on:

  • Compliance with Strata and Community Title laws
  • Risk transfer for owners corporations and their committee members
  • Risk mitigation for insurance intermediaries
  • Prompt reimbursement/restoration following loss
  • Competitive terms and conditions
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice for our insurance brokers, strata managers and owners in Residential Strata Schemes.

At Strata Community Insurance we design  policies that are different to our competitors. We are always looking at risks in a different way, to develop coverage solutions that reduce your financial exposure.  For example, our Residential Strata Insurance product has, in addition to the broad range of coverage benefits you have come to expect, a number new design features that are a first in our market and unique to Strata Community Insurance, including:

  • Loss of Lot Market Value – essential for those schemes with rebuilding restrictions. For the first time ever, owners in such a scheme can buy insurance up to the full market value.  Essential cover to keep liquidity in sales within the scheme, and to satisfy nervous financiers.
  • Terrorism cover for buildings up to $100m sum insured, covering schemes for which protection against eligible terrorism losses is not available via the ARPC, lowering risk for insurance brokers, strata managers and owners and ensuring there are no gaps between defined ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ cover.
  • Fusion cover not limited to kilowatt output – up to $5000 in value. To take the complexity of fusion claims away from insurance brokers and strata managers, this benefit is designed with a monetary limit as opposed to kilowatt limit per item.
  • Emergency accommodation for tenants in multiple-unit events – benefit available to tenants when more than one lot is affected and the building is unfit to be occupied as the result of an admitted claim.
  • Liability section responding to strata managers’ defence costs, lowering risks for strata managers, owners and insurance brokers.
  • Automatic reinstatement of Office Bearers limit – providing for reinstatement of the sum insured following a claim. Some other policies may not provide this reinstatement, leaving the Body Corporate without protection.

We are confident you will agree that our Residential Strata Insurance product is market-leading. The best product, exceptional service, all available to your scheme at a competitive price. Contact us now for a quote or ask your Strata Manager or Insurance Broker to present our offering to you at your next meeting.


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PDS & Policy Wording – Residential Strata Insurance



Supplementary PDS

To be read in conjunction with the PDS & Policy Wording.

1st July 2017
For policies effective 1 July 2017 – 20 May 2019.
21st May 2019
For policies effective 21 May 2019 – 20 September 2020.
21st September 2020
For policies effective from 21 September 2020.


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