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In any insurance relationship, claims are the real ‘moments of truth.’ Strata claims can be complex and experience counts. Our specialist claims team have many years of experience managing strata claims. It may be a cliché, but we’ve seen it all.

Michael Turnbull
National Claims Manager

Be assured that we do our utmost to make the claims experience as simple, efficient and stress-free as possible. We realise that your time is valuable and we will work with you to remove any unnecessary processes and to minimise paperwork.

Valid, straightforward claims can be turned around within a few days. For more complex claims we will use our experience and our wide range of contacts to make sure the right trades people and service providers work on your claim.

For any enquiries regarding your claim, please call 1300 SCINSURE (1300 724 678) or log in through the Intermediary portal.

Download the “Handy tips to simplify strata claims!” PDF here.

So, how can our strength of experience help you?

What I like is their transparency. They are very detailed so there is no misunderstanding. With their format I can take that to my client and it’s all there for my client to see.

Lola Tasende
Strata Lifestyle

Strata claims will most often be lodged on behalf of the Owners Corporation by either the strata manager or an insurance broker. In most cases it is best if the owner or the Strata Committee discusses the claim with their strata manager, or broker, in the first instance. We will work with you and the strata manager, or broker, through the claims process. Over time, we have found that this is the most efficient use of everyone’s time and it makes best use of everyone’s experience.

If your Owners Corporation is self-managed and you do not use a strata manager or insurance broker, you should call us on 1300 SCINSURE (1300 724 678). We will assist you in getting your claim and any necessary repairs underway.

Using the links below you may download a claim form in PDF format or you may choose to complete the form online.

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