About Us


The Strength of Experience

Strata Community Insurance has historic origins, with its founders not only creating the first ever Strata Insurance product in Australia in 1978, but also going on to do the same in some of the world’s most challenging insurance markets – the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. Since then it’s fair to say that most coverage innovations that you enjoy today were designed and introduced by our founders.

Strata and Community Title Insurance is a diverse, complex and specialised area of insurance, while the financial risks associated with getting the ‘right’ cover can be significant. With 100% of our resources dedicated specifically to the Strata Community, we strive to continually adapt our products in line with emerging exposures, new laws and regulations, and developments that affect your strata or community title investments – ensuring that you are never left behind. That’s why we have chosen to partner with one of the largest insurance groups in the world – the Allianz Group – to bring you confidence that we can always meet our obligations to you.

Importantly, we are both proud and fortunate to have some of Australia’s leading strata insurance practitioners available for you to access in branches in all major states of Australia. Collectively we have been involved in insuring hundreds of thousands of schemes, and have managed millions of claims – we have literally seen it all. You cannot short change true expertise, and we are sure you will find that Strata Community Insurance will use the strength of its experience to help you.

So, how can our strength of experience help you?

Our Experience is Second to None

Our founders created Australia’s first Strata Insurance product in 1978 – utilise our experience to reduce the significant financial risks in getting the right cover.

Easy to Deal With, No Hassle

Doing the basics exceptionally well is what you expect, and it’s what we deliver. The lack of problems or complaints is how you will measure us.

Reduce Your Financial Exposure

Our innovative policies are superior to our competitors in reducing your financial exposure, often extending your protection beyond the minimum legislative requirements.

Strata Only, No Distractions

We continually adapt our products in line with emerging exposures, new legal regulations and developments, ensuring that you are never left behind.

Leading Insurance Practitioners

With some of Australia’s top strata insurance practitioners located in all the major states of Australia, your needs are met in a thorough and professional manner.

Partnering With the Allianz Group

We have chosen to partner with one of the world’s largest insurers – the Allianz Group – to bring confidence that we can always meet our obligations to you.