We are really passionate about supporting the strata industry. We are willing to invest in the industry. We want to give back in order to help you prepare your businesses for the future.

Damien Leary
Director of Operations

Please feel free to download – and share – the materials posted here. 

We will keep adding materials that are topical and of interest for people in the strata community. As we all know, this is a complex environment with changing needs and regulatory obligations.

Strata News

Cyclone Reinsurance Pool

Strata Community Insurance to enter Cyclone Reinsurance Pool In response to insurance affordability concerns in Northern Australia, the Australian Federal Government introduced the Cyclone Pool,

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Strata News

Terrorism Levy Changes

For all news business and renewals effective 1st July, 2017 insureds will be liable to pay terrorism levies, if their scheme meets the Australian Reinsurance

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