Who We Help

Strata Managers

Professional Strata Managers are invaluable for owners within Strata and Community title schemes.

As the trusted advocate for those owners who volunteer as office bearers (and their successors), you hold and use the “scheme history” as memory for the benefit of future owners.

Your owners rely on your expertise and general guidance. That’s why it is essential for you to be accredited and appointed as a representative of a strata specialist such as Strata Community Insurance, who can provide you with the level of support and expertise both you and your owners expect.

As a representative of Strata Community Insurance, both you and your owners can rest easy knowing you have the backing and support of Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, part of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurers.

We recognise that you are time poor, and confidence comes from the ease of doing business with professionals like ourselves – that is, our ability to deliver expertise and service in a less complicated way than our peers, saving you time and money and ultimately adding value to owners.

Doing the basics exceptionally well is what you expect. The lack of problems or complaints is how you will measure us.

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Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers have an important role to play within the Strata and Community title sector, with a number of strata managers and direct schemes utilising your services.

Importantly, many new developments are being completed with replacement values in the hundreds of millions of dollars, which may result in more than one insurer being needed to underwrite the scheme for any one year.

Some brokers specialise in strata, and others provide services to only a handful of schemes.

Either way, our unique expertise, products and services may benefit both you and your clients.

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Self Managed Schemes

If you are one of many owners who has control of the management of your scheme, then you will know how important it is to partner with service providers you can trust and rely on.

It doesn’t matter if your scheme is large or small, the financial exposures you face individually inherently remain.

With some of Australia’s top strata insurance practitioners located within our branches in all the major States of Australia, we are in a position to bring our expertise to your Strata Community scheme.

We were also one of the first Strata Insurance companies to give you the option to pay your premiums via direct debit instalments, assisting you with your budgeting for the year.

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