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Five decades of strata experience across six countries

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Our Experience is Second to None

We have more than five decades of strata insurance experience across six countries – so we know how to reduce the significant financial risks in getting the right cover.

Easy to Deal With, No Hassle

Doing the basics exceptionally well is what you expect, and it’s what we deliver. The lack of problems or complaints is how you will measure us.

Reduce Your Financial Exposure

Our innovative policies are designed to reduce your financial exposure, often extending your protection beyond the minimum legislative requirements.

We Focus on the Strata Community Only

With 100% of our resources dedicated specifically to the Strata Community, we continually adapt our products to meet emerging exposures and new legal regulations.

Leading Insurance Practitioners

With some of Australia’s top strata insurance practitioners located in all the major states of Australia, your needs are met in a thorough and professional manner.

Partnering with Allianz

We have chosen to partner with Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, part of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s largest insurers – to bring you confidence.

Protection for your strata property. And you.

Your strata property may well be your most valuable asset.

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About Us

“We have the most experienced people in strata insurance in Australia. We have brought together a team of people who have worked in this field in the USA, UK and the Middle East as well as Australia.”

Rod James

“There are a lot of people at Strata Community Insurance that you can rely on. You can give them a call, they are going to give you the right information, it is going to be accurate and you can pass that information on to your client. That’s really important to me.”

Lola Tasende
Strata Lifestyle

Two of our founders, Tony Maxwell and Rod James, created Australia’s first strata insurance policy in 1978. Prior to that an Owners Corporation had to buy a whole suite of different, often ill-fitting, policies to cover their property, public liability, office bearers liability, fidelity, machinery breakdown and various WHS risks. Our directors correctly saw that strata developments and strata living would become more and more significant as our urban population increased. They also recognised that strata would be a highly regulated environment and therefore a technically complex area for insurers that would demand a very focussed expertise.

Since introducing that first product they and the people who worked with them have accumulated decades of experience in a number of countries. We have no hesitation in saying that we have the most experienced team of people in the strata insurance market.

Our experience has given us a deep knowledge of strata. That experience is not incidental, it is integral to who we are and what we do; it sits close alongside our expertise in insurance.

This fusion of strata involvement with insurance knowledge is what allows us to fashion insurance covers that are purpose-built for strata communities. Strata insurance is very different to homeowners insurance and other property insurance. You need a deep knowledge of the strata environment, not just insurance, to do it well.

Our people are experts. You can have CONFIDENCE that when you ask them a question you can rely on the accuracy of the answer they give you.

Managing Director – Paul Keating & Founders talking about business & Strata Manager feedback

Critical Information for Strata Owners

There is one fundamental relationship you need to understand if you are to make informed choices around protecting your investment.

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We handle strata community insurance only. No distractions.

Residential Strata Insurance

We use the strength of our experience to look at the exposures you or your clients face. Our coverage solutions have a number of innovative features designed to reduce your overall financial exposure.

Commercial Strata Insurance

We understand the complexity and diversity of business exposures you face as an owner in a Commercial Strata scheme which can change frequently into a range of very different risks. Our protection is well beyond minimum legislative requirements.

Community Association Insurance

Still somewhat new in Australia, Community Associations are now one of the fastest growing forms of development for both co-habitational and detached housing communities. Our Community Association Insurance product is coming soon.

Do you need an easier way to manage your strata insurance?

For Strata Managers

We recognise that you are time poor. We save you time and money by delivering expertise and services in a less complicated way, ultimately adding value to owners.

For Insurance Brokers

Whether you specialise in strata, or provide services to only a handful of schemes, our unique expertise, products and services may benefit you and your clients.

For Self-Managed Schemes

Regardless of whether your scheme is large or small, you can trust our top strata insurance practitioners to reduce the financial exposures you face individually.

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