Strata Toolkit

Defects and Maintenance Register

Best Practice is key

As the strata sector continues to change and legislative requirements become more onerous we, as an industry, are charged with introducing best practice operations to overcome common hurdles and remove uncertainty.

At Strata Community Insurance, our focus is centred on keeping Strata Managers informed of changes occurring and developing tools for their clients that will help them provide a highly valued, expanded service.

Our latest initiative is the introduction of a Defects and Maintenance Register. This simple tool has been developed to capture the details, priorities, risks and management of identified defects and maintenance regimes. 

It will add rigour to help protect all parties, including:

  • Owners
  • Committee Members
  • Bodies Corporate
  • Strata Managers

Key benefits include:

  1. Providing an evidence trail of activity undertaken covering defects and maintenance within a complex.
  2. A protection mechanism for Committee Members should an owner or occupant allege negligence in their actions.
  3. Tracking all defect and maintenance-related repairs to a property.
  4. Demonstrating to potential investors that the building is managed effectively.
  5. Assisting Bodies Corporate to meet their duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation.

The Defects and Maintenance Register does not replace a Body Corporate’s responsibilities under any relevant legislation, and is simply a tool that may assist with tracking and recording issues that are identified within the building.

For more information, or to adapt our Defects and Maintenance Register for your clients, please contact your local Strata Community Insurance representative.

Download the “Defects and Maintenance Register” PDF here.