Strata Toolkit

Building Inspections and Maintenance Checklist

Strata complexes should be inspected at regular intervals to identify deterioration and required maintenance work – such as cleaning and painting, and attending to lighting and fire safety. Managing strata is multifaceted, involving many elements, across many parties. This checklist, though not exhaustive, provides a framework including items for consideration to support inspection maintenance plans.

Building Management System

  • Cleaning and general maintenance interior and exterior
  • Pest inspection
  • Bird-proofing
  • Common property external and internal. Please note, some common property may be within lots
    • Electrical meter/switch boards
    • Is the enclosure water tight?
  • Does the electrical switchboard meet the demands of additional power draw without the risk of overheating? (Installation of split system air-conditioners increases draw upon power significantly)
  • Can units be readily located/identified via the main point of entry egress onto the property?
  • Are gas and water and electrical isolation valves and switches readily identifiable/located for each individual unit?
  • Regular clearing of roof drainage systems/gutters
  • Regular maintenance of sump pumps and basement drainage systems.

Dangerous goods – storage

  • Paints
  • Fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Paint thinner
  • Primer
  • Oil
  • Glue
  • Solvents
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Dry cleaning chemicals
  • Pool chemicals
  • Unlawful, dumped goods.

Emergency Management

  • Emergency contact list
  • Building safety features
  • Emergency Control Organisation
  • Warden duties
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Stages of evacuation
  • Site/floor plans
  • Building security
  • Checklists

Energy efficiency

  • Embedded network and micro-grids
  • Lighting
  • Air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems
  • Maintenance and replacement of globes
  • Lifts
  • Building external lighting
  • Lighting in lobbies, stairs and hallways
  • Hot water supply and circulation pumps
  • Carpark ventilation
  • Exhaust fans
  • Pool and spa water filtration and pumps
  • Security systems, doors and gates
  • Pumps/fans
  • Cold water supply (lift and pressure pumps)

Fire protection equipment

  • Air conditioning systems
  • Alarms
  • Emergency lifts and lighting
  • Emergency power supply
  • Emergency warning systems
  • Exit doors and exit signs
  • Fire control centres
  • Fire curtains and doors
  • Fire detectors and alarm systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire hydrants
  • Fire isolated stairs, passages, ramps
  • Fire-rated materials
  • Fire windows
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Path of travel to exits
  • Smoke detection alarms
  • Smoke control systems
  • Sprinkler systems

Gardening and grounds maintenance

  • Duty to maintain and repair common property
  • Boundary fencing
  • Grounds including gardens/trees


  • Security access systems
  • Perimeter protection
  • Access and traffic management
  • Parking
    • Residents/visitors
    • Line marking
    • Vehicle impact risk (fences, low awnings etc.)
    • Inspection to ensure strong bollards in place in front of gas tanks, water pumps etc
  • Emergency management
  • Internal security
  • Systems management
  • Security cameras
  • Lighting
  • Access and egress
    • Elevator maintenance/upgrades
    • Garage doors/security gates
    • Doors
    • Pool maintenance/safety
    • Heating ventilation and air conditioning
  • Pools and surrounds including fencing and gates
  • Signage

Trip and slip hazards All internal and external areas

  • Doors/thresholds/entrances
  • Drainage/water run off
  • Electrical wires
  • Floor coverings i.e.tiles/carpet/timber/joins
  • Floor levels/ridges
  • Footpaths/driveways
  • Furniture
  • Gardens i.e. moss/vegetation/hazards
  • Handrails
  • Inclines/ramps
  • Lifts
  • Lighting
  • Obstructions/obstacles
  • Potholes and cracks
  • Spills of liquid or solid material
  • Step levels
  • Stairways
  • Storage areas
  • Stormwater
  • Surfaces ie dust or sand
  • Wet to dry areas

Waste management

  • Provision of separate storage and recycling spaces
  • Provision of hard waste collection locations
  • Provision of charity bins in waste rooms or car parks
  • Managing cleaning subcontractors to ensure that waste is separated and appropriately disposed of
  • Monitoring and reporting on waste performance
  • Education for residents on waste efficiency


  • Water efficiency
  • Building leak detection and management including balconies/ windows
  • Plumbing
  • Guttering, downpipes and roofing systems
  • Stormwater run-off
Download the “Building Inspections and Maintenance Checklist” PDF here.