Strata Managers Toolkit

Strata management can be confusing and sometimes it’s best to let professionals deal with it. To try to make it easier, at Strata Community Insurance, our focus is centred on supporting Strata Managers.

Our Strata Managers Toolkit has been created to help you manage common building, maintenance and insurance issues.

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For information on Asbestos, Water Damage, Window Safety and more, download and share these free brochures now.

Water Damage Can
Be Avoided

4 Stages of Building Defects
and Maintenance Controls

Play it safe
with asbestos

Building Inspections and
Maintenance Checklist

Contractor Management

Defects and
Maintenance Register

Handy tips
to simplify strata claims!

Guide to Risk Management
of Cladding

Unwelcome Tenants!

Window safety in strata

Demystifying Cladding!

Duty of Disclosure

Western Australia Strata Titles Amendment Act 2018

What to do when your building has been inundated with water

Strata Community Insurance At A Glance

Cladding Owners Factsheet

Explaining Building Maintenance & Defects to Owners

Key Benefits of working with Strata Community Insurance

Unlimited Liability: What do NSW Owners Need to Know?

Unlimited Liability: What do QLD Owners Need to Know?

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